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Welcome to Bundaleer Lodge Nursing Home

At Bundaleer Lodge, we provide to you high-quality aged care, nestled in a bushland setting with landscaped gardens. Depending on your need we offer High Care, Low Care, Respite and Secure Unit aged care. We would love to discuss the services we can offer you and your family. We offer modern one and two bedroom independent living units. Details can be found on the ILU page.

Latest News

Residential Respite Care Available

Bundaleer Lodge is pleased to offer residential respite care. Details can be found on the Respite page.

Bundaleer Meet & Eat Cafe

The café at Bundaleer Lodge Nursing Home is under new management. The new managers Sandra Sumner and Pamela Broch started on the 22nd October. They have experience running cafes as they also run Florrey Bel Coffee Shed. Sandra and Pamela surveyed the residents to come up with a new name for the café and the most popular name chosen by the residents was “Bundaleer Meet & Eat Café”.

The café is located at the entrance to Bundaleer Lodge Nursing Home at 114 Holdsworth Road, North Ipswich near the reception. The café is open to the public, staff and residents. Access is easy for the disables with disabled parking available and a drop off zone at the entrance. As disabled toilet is close by the café making it a very convenient outing for families with less mobile members. The Bundaleer Meet & Eat Café boasts very stylish indoor and outside seating and cosmopolitan decor to enjoy a meet-up with friends and family. The residents have been enjoying the new menu on offer. Home cooked cakes, home cooked hot meals, toasties, sandwiches, scones and biscuits are on offer. The café supplies coffees, tea, milkshakes, cold drinks and other treats. The home cooked cakes and meals have been a big hit. The café offers a gluten free chocolate cake which you would never know was gluten free. The café offers an extensive variety of milks to accommodate for various special diets.

The café is open Monday to Friday form 9am to 3pm and Saturday and Sunday from 9.30am to 2.30pm. If resident struggle to walk to the café they can call reception and be put through to the café to place an order which can be delivered at certain times of the day. If a family member would like to organise a birthday function at the café they can contact Sandra or Pamela to help organise the catering for the event. Sandra has indicated that the menu is developing as residents, staff and family members indicate what they would like added to the menu.

Sharing Spaces Programme

Residents from Bundaleer Lodge Nursing Home and Pre-Prep students from Ipswich Junior Grammar School have been participating in an intergenerational learning programme called Sharing Spaces. This partnership programme with Junior Grammar Early Education Centre and Bundaleer Lodge Nursing Home involves residents traveling to Junior Grammar EEC to enjoy a morning of activities and fun with the children of the EEC. Bundaleer lodge residents interact with the children from the school through story time, craft activities, and cooking experiences.

Both the residents from Bundaleer Lodge and the EEC children benefit from this experience. The children get to make new friends, increase their awareness of the elderly, develop empathy and have fun enjoying meaningful activities. The children are able to develop their social skills through the programme whilst having fun. Likewise, the residents of Bundaleer Lodge were able to engage in positive and meaningful activities where they can share their own knowledge, experiences and skills. It is a refreshing experience for the residents at Bundaleer Lodge; the time spent with the younger generations allowing them to get in touch with their youthful side, stirring fond memories of children and grandchildren.

The residents embraced the student’s broad imagination, which was transferred into works of art, craft and cooking. Furthermore, it is a wholesome and culturing experience for the younger children, as they eagerly awaited stories from the residents, who gladly shared recounts of, what the children called “the olden days”. The opportunity for children to hear about the experiences of the residents who have grown up in a drastically different time is incredibly important, allowing for an enhanced sense of gratitude for traditions and cultures that often go underappreciated in an increasingly technology dependent world. This immensely positive experience would not be possible without the dedication and enthusiasm of both carers of Bundaleer Lodge and the teachers of Ipswich Junior Grammar School EEC, who coordinates the programme and make the activities possible.

18th July 2016 the new building opened

Constructing our new wing
Constructing our new wing Main Entrance
Pool Table Outdoor Pool Table

The new building at Bundaleer Lodge Nursing Home was opened on the 18th July 2016 by the Honourable Shayne Neumann MP, Federal Member for Blair.

The entrance at 114 Holdsworth Road replaced the old entrance at 100 Holdsworth Road. This new building provides 48 extra nursing care beds set out as single rooms with an ensuite and 5 independent living units. This new facility includes an administration area, large training facility, 7 offices and a conference room. Other new features include a Cafe, Entertainment Room, Internet Cafe, Dining Rooms, Lounge Rooms and new industrial kitchen and laundry.

The next stage of development is to renovate the old section to seamlessly merge with the new building. This renovation will progress over the next 9 months with as little inconveniance as possible to our existing residents. At the end of the renovation we will have a total of 171 nursing care beds. We have recently added this outdoor pool table for resident recreation.
"Prior to Mums admission I met with the Nursing Care Manager at Bundaleer Lodge who was very nice and showed me the room. Then I met with the admistration staff in the office who helped me with all the paper work. I was very pleased."
Resident's Family Member

Constructing our new wing Bundaleer Meet & Eat Cafe
Constructing our new wing Reception and Cafe