Renton Family Trust

Bundaleer Lodge Nursing Home

Providing quality aged care for over 49 years

"A Family spoke very highly of the love and care given to their Mum at Bundaleer Lodge, and their Dad before that. We could see that the residents care was very very good, from the nursing point of view, in that the residents' skin integrity was immaculate, lovely clean dressings on her legs, she smelled good and the clothes were clean and she looked peaceful. The best part of this job is the unsung heroes who look after our elderly so beautifully. From one profession of skill, compassion and care to another, please accept our thanks and acknowledgment of the wonderful work that you do: tending, protecting, nurturing and providing relief from pain and fear for the most unwell and vulnerable souls entrusted to your care. The willingness and ability to serve in difficult circumstances does not go unnoticed."
Funeral Director